Explore The World As A Digital Nomad

We stepped WAY out of our comfort zones and never looked back!

We’re Annie & Matt! A Nomadic couple living life on the road with our pup, Henna! Not too long ago we realized that there is much more to life than we could experience during weekends and vacation days, and we decided we were ready for a change.

Welcome to Ditching Conventional- Our blog where we share our experiences with stepping out of our comfort zones, and our journey through Van life & Remote Work!

We believe that every day is a chance for an epic adventure. From mountains to forests, and sea to shore, there is so much to see and the world is yours to explore.

Why limit your life to one location, when there is so much out there, waiting for you to experience?

In 2019 we made our dreams come true and joined the #vanlife movement!

Photo by: Mary Kate Gilroy Photography

With hard work, dedication, trial and error, we turned our dreams into a reality. We built our home on wheels with absolutely zero experience, and have been living in our van full-time since October, 2019.

Life on the road has got to be the most invigorating experience we’ve ever had. This way of life has caused us to re-think everything we have learned about the way we’re supposed to live.

Living a nomadic lifestyle is truly a gift. Not being tied down to one location, and being able to go wherever we please, whenever we please is something we are truly grateful for, and we want to share this gift with those who are seeking this lifestyle.

As Digital Nomads, we earn a living and work remotely while we’re living a life full of adventure. We have full control over our work/life balance, and we live each and every day like it’s the weekend.

We’re here to help you catch your dreams, and become a Digital Nomad!

Photos of us & Henna by: Mary Kate Gilroy Photography

We know what it’s like to step out of your comfort zone, and try something new. It can be scary and intimidating to entering a whole new world of the unknown.

But that shouldn’t deter you from giving yourself the chance you deserve to live your dream life.

We want to help you along your journey to working online and living a nomadic lifestyle. Whether you’re interested in becoming a digital nomad, living the van life, or anything in between, we’re so happy you’re here on this adventure with us!

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