9 Good Reasons You Should Start Blogging Today

There is no better time to start blogging than yesterday! But since we can’t go back in time yet, the next best time to start blogging is now!

It is easier now than ever to learn how to blog like a pro.

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With an abundance of resources available to you, you can absolutely start blogging today.

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably interested in finding a way to be your own boss.

  • Are you passionate about something?
  • Do you have a lot of knowledge about a particular subject that your family just doesn’t want to hear about anymore?
  • Do you love to write in a creative and conversational tone?
  • Or are you just looking for an alternative way to make a passive income?

If you answered YES to any of those questions or even hesitated to answer ‘No’, then blogging is probably for you!

You may be asking yourself, should I start a blog?

The answer to your HOW is easy, but first you’ve got to make sure you’re here for the right reasons and asking WHY. There are so many reasons why you should start a blog today, here are just a few:

Start where you are

There are a few common misconceptions about starting a blog:

  • I need to be a professional writer
  • I need to be an expert in what I’m blogging about
  • I need a huge social media following
  • I need years of experience before I can make any money blogging

But those are false conceptions that are stopping many people from thinking, should I start a blog? We’re here to fill you in on the truth. The truth is you can absolutely start a high profiting blog that generates a passive income. Even in you don’t have 100k Instagram followers.

If you know how to read and write, know a thing or two about using the computer, and are willing to learn, you too can start a blog!

BYOB: Be your own boss

We’re living in an interesting time, a time filled with fear and a lot of uncertainty. Starting a blog is a great way to kickstart your own business.

Are you trying so hard to get a raise at your current job but the work you are putting in just isn’t enough to convince your stubborn boss you deserve a raise? Well, when you become a blogger, the ball is in your court as to how much money you are worthy of making.

Heck, if you want to make 6 figures next year, you can! If you put in the work, you’re going to get the results you’re looking for. Isn’t it time you take control of the wheel and be your own boss?

No need to reinvent the wheel

Blogging is not a new fad, and it isn’t going away anytime soon or possibly ever.

Thousands of people are making a full time living just from blogging. Well, I shouldn’t say just blogging, because there is a lot that goes into creating and managing a profitable blog.

What I should say is this:

Blogging is something that you can do full time if you choose to. And if you put in some hard work, blogging can end up replacing your full time 9-5 job!

It’s been done before! Over and over again by a ton of people. And it’s not rocket science! There are proven methods, tips, and tricks that the most successful bloggers have already figured out.

In fact, we’ve put together an easy to follow extensive blog course that teaches you everything you need to know about how to create and manage a successful blog today!


Work with brands you love

Blogging is a great way to connect with other brands, especially the ones you already know and love!

When you work with brands, it’s a mutually beneficial relationship! You see, your blog acts as an additional platform for brands to get exposure to its ideal customers. Through sponsored posts and affiliate links, you can earn a commission if your readers buy a product you recommend!

It’s important to make sure that the brands you work with share the same values as your business.

Earn a passive income

Want to know a secret? Just kidding, it’s no secret! It’s a known fact that you can make money blogging. Not only that, but you can make a passive income from your blog too.

Yup! You read that right, you really can create a blog that generates passive income. Passive income meaning that you can make money over and over again from something that you do once.

You can make money blogging in the following ways:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sell physical products (E-commerce)
  • Create an e-book or course to sell
  • Allow paid advertising on your site

The idea here is, you actually have the potential to make money while you sleep. When you create content for your blog one time, you will continue to earn a profit over and over, time and time again.

Share your unique story

We all have a story and we all deserve to be heard. Having a blog is like having your own TV show where you’re the star!

Blogging is a great way to share your experiences, and what you love with your friends, family, and readers all over the internet. that learn who you are. Think of your blog as your little slice of the internet that you can be the most you that you can be!

Your readers online might even get to know you better than most of your friends and family do.

Work from anywhere, anytime

To us, the best part about starting a blog is the ability to work from anywhere, anytime. This means we get to decide when and where we work.

Sometimes we work in a coffee shop, other times we work inside our van. One of our favorite places to work and be productive is at the dog park while our dog Henna tires herself out.

It’s relatively cheap to get started

Starting your blog is one of the cheapest ways to start a business. You can start creating your blog on WordPress.com for free! But as with anything, you’ll benefit more if you invest in the paid features that in this case have much more to offer.

Paid plans allow you to purchase a domain name through WordPress, this typically is free for your first year and about $18-$40/year following that. If you own a domain, or want to get one elsewhere, that’s fine – you just need to map it to your WordPress site.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the price plans:

Personal Plan-$4/mo

For as little as $4 a month, you can sign up for the Personal plan, and personalize your website with your own custom domain for one year! You even get 24/7 support from WordPress!

Premium Plan-$8/mo

This is a great plan for Freelancers and is a very popular choice. For $8 a month, you get access to advanced design tools, Google Analytics support, and custom CSS.

Business Plan-$25/mo

If you mean business, you might want to consider a Business plan for $25 a month. Excelerate your business’s blog with custom themes and plugins, as well as live support, and 200 GB of storage.

E-Commerce Plan-$45/mo

If you want to open an online store, then the E-Commerce plan may be best for you. For $45 a month, you can customize your online store with eCommerce marketing tools and services.


There is room for you too

Among all the reasons you should start a blog today, this is my favorite reason. I can’t tell you how many people have said to me “But why would anyone want to read my blog? There are already hundreds of other blogs on that topic, as well as a bunch of other excuses.

Well, friend, I’m here to help you shake off those insecurities and tell you this- there is room for you in the world of blogging, and your prospective readers are craving what you have to offer to them!

Imagine this, you go to the grocery store and enter the beloved ice cream aisle. You may have a hard time choosing which ice cream to devour while binge-watching Netflix. That’s because there are SO many different ice cream brands, but not TOO many!

ALL of them get bought because they all appeal to different types of customers!

It’s the same when it comes to blogging! It doesn’t matter how many other Vegan Recipe blogs are already out there. There are a million vegans, of all shapes and sizes, and I bet a bunch of them would love to hear your perspective and experiences because the other blogs that are already out there just don’t connect with them.

It’s important to have a firm grasp on your own perspective because there is a very very very good chance that you’re not alone, and there are other people who can relate to what you have to say.

You don’t need a ridiculous amount of followers, what you need is a way to connect with your target audience. Once you figure out a way to connect with your target audience on a personal level, they will become your tribe.

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